A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Requires Java to run.

Keys are in the keys file, but there are probably some keys that aren't in the keys file.

Basically, I had an idea for a very huge game, based on the hit web serial "Worm".  I worked on this in Java in 2015-2016 while in high school.  Github page is https://github.com/itamarcu/Worm-Prototype .

This is the design document, including some explanations probably (warning - it is not pretty):  


This java prototype stopped after adding many of the features, but before making a real game out of it, so currently it is a "brawler" game where you start with random powers and fight several NPCs with other powers.

I am working on a remake to this game in Unity, sometimes, and will update if and when it becomes good enough.

Features in this game:

  • Top down 2D graphics and animations and physics
  • Over 100 different powers, of which 16 have a variant for every Element (fire, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Procedurally generated map and powers. Powers are generated with varying power levels to always give a fresh combination and countless possibilities.
  • Artificial intelligence for computer-controlled enemies with powers. This includes dynamic pathfinding (for example, walking around pools of acid and using portals to reach different places)
  • Name-generating subsystem, to randomly create fitting names for superpowered characters. This system is also uploaded separately as a file, here (including the simplified "Power DNA" system)
  • Field of vision, map chunks to enable an infinite game map, functioning UI menus.

Install instructions

double click the JAR file inside the zip. If you have Java, it should work. If not...... get Java and try again.


Worm game prototype.zip 18 MB
Extra - Power and name generator.jar 94 kB

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